Partners & Supporters

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Supporting Organizations

Cambodian Association of Finance & Technology (CAFT)

The Cambodian Association of Finance & Technology (CAFT) is registered with the Ministry of Interior and recognized by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). CAFT seeks to cultivate interest and technical skills to promote increased innovation, financial inclusion, diversity and collaboration of all tech and fintech segments by serving as the collective voice in providing relevant and expert-sourced information to regulators and the private sector. The Association also advocates for effective and future-focused measures to ensure prosperity across all industries.

Myanmar Insurance Association (MIA)

Established in 2017, the Myanmar Insurance Association (MIA) works together with the FRD, the IBRB, insurance companies, and agents in Myanmar. As an association, MIA takes a major role in the industry and representing it, encouraging it, promoting the development of insurance. The objectives of the MIA are: to contribute towards the development of the system of market economy and to develop foreign and local investment; to expand insurance business locally and abroad and to cooperate between insurance companies, to be in abreast with international framework of laid down policy; to be beneficial to both insurer and insured; to promulgate people’s awareness on insurance, develop insurance habits and build trusts among public; and to educate concerned individual organization to act in accordance with ethics/standard in doing insurance business.